Snow blower

*** We have snow plowing service in the Winter months from Snow Removal Solutions (530-587-5294). They usually arrive around 8 AM each day when there’s 4+ inches of snow. But sometimes the city creates a berm that needs to be shoveled or plowed.

*** If you’re not comfortable in using a snow blower, please use the shovels. We have at least four in the garage.

*** If you break or damage the Honda snow blower you’ll need to replace it. They cost $3000.

*** Use the snow blower at your own risk. We aren’t liable for any damages or injuries.

Honda HS928 snow blower instructions and Safety

Full instruction manual here: Honda HS928 manual (PDF)

Here’s a video on how to start the snow blower but doesn’t show that you must turn the fuel valve lever to ON before you do the other steps he demonstrated: