Hot Tub


  1. The hot tub cover is locked via a cable and combo lock. Combo is 193
  2. Open the cover. It’s very important that you watch and follow the video or it’ll be very difficult to close the cover afterwards:
  3. Adjust temperature
    1. Press and hold down the temp button. You will notice it either goes up or down, and will cycle
  4. Changing modes: Press temp and then press light toggles the modes, repeat to go to next mode
    1. SL – sleep mode
    2. ST – Standard: The temperature of the hot tub will be reach and maintained when in standard mode
    3. Ec – Economy: The hot tub will only use the heater when the water has encountered a drop in temperature below the standard thermostat setting
  5. If you plan to use the hot tub the next day, please change the mode to Ec. Close the cover after each use
  6. If you are done and before departing:
    1. Change the mode to SL
    2. Put 3 spoons of Chlorinating Granules into the hot tub
    3. Close the cover. Please watch and follow the video:
  7. Please lock the cover the same way it was taken off