Arrival Checklist & House Rules

Cabin Details

  1. Keyless Front Door Entry: see email with code and how to
  2. Internet Access:
    1. WIFI SSID: yurtleNET
    2. Password: beehives-123
  3. Homeowner’s Contact:
    1. Jack’s mobile: 650-861-1211 (text then call)
    2. Danielle’s mobile: 650-492-3428 (text then call)

When You Arrive

  • NO shoes inside the cabin! Please remove your shoes in the mud room
  • Turn water heater in garage to level “A”. Water heater is located far right corner of the garage
  • In Winter – Upstairs Thermostats: Left (Fireplace) really heats up the great room, turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the warm air. Right (central heating) for upstairs only and heats up the bedrooms more than the great room
  • In Winter – Downstairs Thermostats: (game room) Heats up lower level only
  • Garage door remotes (2) are on the hanging rack in mud room next to the front door
  • If power goes out, flashlights are in the top right drawer of the kitchen island
  • Hot tub – if you plan to use it, follow the instructions:
  • Garbage bags – under kitchen sink
  • Recyclable items – please place recyclable items such as cans, bottles, etc into a separate bag. Try to bring it home with you to recycle as we are limited on one trash can per week
  • To use amenities around Tahoe-Donner, use the GUEST PASSES (2) that are in the top right drawer under the kitchen island. Guest fees will apply to use the facilities. Please leave the guest passes in the drawer when you are not using them, so they will be available for other guests after your stay. Each guest card plus a small fee provides entry for four people (guests under age of 6 are free)
  • Coffee: Available options: 1) Standard coffee maker with filters 2) Coffee press. A coffee bean grinder is in the cabinet. Please bring your choice of coffee

Important House Rules

  • Check-out time is 11 AM or additional charge may occur at $50 hourly rate
  • Please take off your shoes in the mud room
  • Smoking is NOT allowed on the property
  • Guests should not create excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors; neighborhood quiet hours are 10:00 pm – 7:00 am
    • Note: Neighbors have called the police before when noise levels were too high
  • Please turn off all external lights by 10:00pm if all guests have arrived
  • Pets are NOT allowed
  • We do not permit towels or linens to be taken outside of the property. We suggest you bring beach towels if planning to go to the lakes
  • Please do not remove anything from the property
  • Camp fires or fire pits are not permitted on the property as we are in a high risk fire area
  • Do not leave any trash outside, this is bear country
    • If any trash is left outside a minimum $35 additional cleaning service fee will be charged